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Jetman Galactic Mars iPad

Jetman Galactic Mars

A fast paced shooter based on a ZX Spectrum classic.

Jetman Galactic Missile Defence

A pulse bursting game inspired from an 80’s arcade masterpiece.

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3D – Part 05 – Game Creator Vs Game Kit Controller

Game Creator Enemy AI Example In trying to choose between Unity’s assets “Game Creator” and “Game Kit Controller,” I decided for now to stick with Game Creator. It allows for more control and the Behaviour tree editor really helps when working with AI.   I have paid the author of GKC to create the basic layout…

3D – Part 04 – Not easy like 2D games

Game Creator Behaviour Tree So another couple of weeks have passed and I have been looking again at Unity Game Creator and Game Kit Controller.    For Game Creator I like the way you define the conditions, actions and behaviour trees but getting it to work is another thing.  I don’t like the way you search…

3D – Part 03 – Stumbling Steps

Why are these engines so hard! So, my first task, I wanted to get some Synty models and put them in a 3rd person Unreal project.  Here goes the same problems as before.  You would think this would be easy not no no no, must apply some pain and suffering in this learning experience.   Again…

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