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Jetman Galactic Mars iPad

Jetman Galactic Mars

A fast paced shooter based on a ZX Spectrum classic.

Jetman Galactic Missile Defence

A pulse bursting game inspired from an 80’s arcade masterpiece.

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From 0 to app store in 30 days (2009)

I decided to create this post to talk about my 30-day challenge to figure out how to make a mobile game and release it on the iPhone. A few weeks ago, I found the project file for this game and having a look inside the project made me wince as it was so so so…

Jetman Galactic Games Released!

Hey world! I have just released Jetman Galactic Mars and Jetman Galactic Missile Defence to Apple and Google stores.  The game is free to download and play. Links are available here and you will also find them on the game pages.   Jetman Galactic Mars   Jetman Galactic Missile Defence  …

Play C64 games online!

Hi C64 fans! I have created a page with over 1000 Commodore 64 games.  All you need to do is click on a game in the list and it will load and run in the web browser. I hope you enjoy these games as much as I do.  It brings back a lot of memories!…

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``The time is always right to play and enjoy retro games!``

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I am always searching YouTube Retro Channels to find out peoples favourite Retro Games.  Some of the best never seem to get a remake and this inspires me for my next game.