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Jetman Galactic Mars iPad

Jetman Galactic Mars

A fast paced shooter based on a ZX Spectrum classic.

Jetman Galactic Missile Defence

A pulse bursting game inspired from an 80’s arcade masterpiece.

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3D – Part 02 – Unreal Vs Unity

Unreal Vs Unity. Having decided on my first 3D game, made a basic document and ready to begin, I decided initially on the Unity Engine. I have a programming background but would rather focus on the game design and use tools available to rapidly prototype a game.  GameSalad is excellent in this respect, sprites can…

3D – Part 01 – Where do I begin?

My first 3D game is now in development Now that I have had a rest from Jetman Galactic Mars, I wanted to create my first game in Unity.   I have several ideas and have settled on a fun battle game in 3D.  I know you should not go big on your first venture into 3D…

Memories from an old storage box!

The Beginning BASIC – Commodore PET Memories from an old storage box.  For more about me and my history, see The other day I was going through boxes in storage and discovered a folder full of paperwork from the 80’s.  I took some photos and will go through it all in more depth when I…

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``The time is always right to play and enjoy retro games!``

Do you love Retro games?

I am always searching YouTube Retro Channels to find out peoples favourite Retro Games.  Some of the best never seem to get a remake and this inspires me for my next game.