Jetman Galactic Missile Defence


Tell me about the story?

This game is part 1 of the Jetman Galactic Trilogy.  

Part 1 – Jetman Galactic Missile Defence

The story so far…

The Earth is no longer habitable, and the last few thousand people are in the process of being moved to a mega space station with its own artificial sun on the edge of our solar system.

Unfortunately, moon base alpha is being bombarded with meteor showers and Jetman alone on the base is determined to save the last remaining rocket ships from destruction.   It is believed an alien race has caused this tragic event and while all other personnel have abandoned the base, Jetman will always give it his all for humanity.

When moon base alpha survives a wave of meteors, Jetman is rewarded with more missiles to defend the remaining rockets.

Based on the classic Missile Command game, Jetman Galactic Missile Defence aims to bring new challenges while retaining that classic game play feeling.

Jetman Galactic Missile Defence
Jetman Galactic Missile Defence
Jetman Galactic Missile Defence High Score Table
Jetman Galactic Missile Defence High Score Table

Game Features

1. Limited rockets to destroy incoming meteors per wave.
2. Incoming waves increase in size and speed.
3. Bonus score for taking out alien scout flying soucer.
4. 18 rockts plus moon base to defend.
5. Built in high score table to keep track of friends and family.


Keeping it simple, adictive and fun!